Black Betty

Betty was a special child. Before she could even speak a fully formed sentence, she had murdered her father. In all fairness, she barely did any of the actual work: a push was all that it took and the forces of gravity took care of the rest. In retrospect, it hadn’t been Joe’s best idea to roll up close to the cliff’s edge to peer over it. It only took a gentle push from his daughter to literally send him over the edge. The unfortunate fisherman who had been close enough to see her father fall to his untimely death, described the event in a surprising amount and detail to Officer Brinesworth, who had the good sense to exclude from his report the exact amount of rotations that the wheelchair and its occupant completed before they both crashed down into the rocky shoreline below.  Betty’s mother blamed herself for not stopping Joe in the first place and then for letting go of her daughter to take a picture like her husband had asked her. While her composition was spot on, the panicked face of Joe already halfway off the cliff and a cheerful Betty watching him make his way down … Continue reading Black Betty