Class Struggle

“You wouldn’t get it, it’s a wizard thing”, Hestor said, dismissively waving his hand in the air, not even looking at Brutus. “Hey, just because I am not trained in all of this magic stuffs doesn’t mean I’m dumb.” “Well, I didn’t say that, it’s just that to explain what I am doing, I’d have to go through the basics of Thaumaturgy and for that I’d have to bring you up to speed on some of the basic guiding principles of magic energy which, frankly, not even Clyde would grasp.” “Hey, why are you dragging me into this?”, Clyde asked. “Wait, did you just insult me?” “I think he complimented you,” Adria quickly interjected. “He said if anyone would be smart enough to understand all this stuff, it would be you, but you’re still too dumb.” “I’m not saying anyone is dumb,” Hestor lifted his hands defensively “All I am saying is that I spent a lot of time learning this and I don’t get paid enough to teach you how to do magic.” “I just want to know how it works.” Brutus said. “Give it up Brutus, let Hestor do his thing,” Adria put a hand on Brutus thick … Continue reading Class Struggle