Eyewitness Report Of Incident At 120 Guerra Street

You mind if I bum a cigarette? You got a flame? Thanks.Okay, so I’m not in trouble, right? No, sir, I got no ID. Lost that damn thing a while ago. You just want to know what went down for your report? I mean, I don’t even think I believe that shit myself. For all I know, you’re gonna put me in the bin if I tell you. I know they got security cameras, I’ve seen ‘em behind the counter and I wasn’t the only person who saw that shit go down. I mean Freddy saw it, too.Alright, so I was inside the store when that shit happened. I was actually warming up. Freddy usually let me stay for a bit when it gets cold and I at least buy a can. Sometimes he just lets me hang out for a while anyway, even if I buy nothing, because I don’t cause any trouble, you know?He’s a smart kid, a good kid. No idea why he works in a place like this. I think it got something to do with his dad. I gotta be honest, I was never much of a listener. Especially not that late in the evening’ … Continue reading Eyewitness Report Of Incident At 120 Guerra Street