Meeting In The Lower Domain

“What makes you think I am not going to just feed you to my pets?” the heavy man in the filthy purple robes asked. The alligators were eagerly watching for their master to issue a command. One of the massive creatures was hovering with their scaly snout out of the foul water, its dark green eyes fixating on Taylor. “I feel you wouldn’t be asking me this question then.” Taylor said, keeping his eyes looked on Swizard, who stood on the other side of the small stream of refuse that slowly flowed by. Swizard narrowed his eyes, as if trying to see something on Taylor. Then a few seconds later his eyes shot open, revealing the bloodshot whites of them. “You got guts! I love that!”, Swizard said. “I’ll let you tell my why you sought me and then I will decide if you’re going to be a snack for my lovelies.” He let himself fall down onto his throne. It was an old moldy recliner, decorated with baubles and dew-dads scavenged from all around the vast sewer system that mirrored the narrow streets of the bustling city above. The recliner squeaked and groaned under the weight of Swizard’s massive … Continue reading Meeting In The Lower Domain