My First Time

I know that starting a story with an excuse isn’t the best foot forward and that the events should speak for themselves. The problem with these events is that they don’t put me in a good light. Sure, I could pretend that I didn’t need a stranger’s approval, that I am more emotionally mature than that, but the truth is, that I am not. I am not asking for forgiveness, but I am hoping for at least some sort of understanding to why I did what you are about to read. I know that I have done plenty of scummy, even downright bad things to people, and I am not proud of it.  I could also give you the whole spiel about my fucked up upbringing, but to be honest, my parents are pretty stellar people and try as hard as I might, I can’t pin any of my dumb life choices on them. Yet, it is important for me to put the record straight before you read what’s coming up ahead: I chose none of this and if I knew about what would happen, I would have done anything to avoid it. I didn’t use to believe in fate, … Continue reading My First Time