Better Late Than Never

Jake was racing down the interstate, trying to get to his own wedding, which, according to his dashboard clock, was to start in 5 minutes. His silver ’93 Toyota Camry sputtered in protest. ‘No, not now!’ Jake slammed his fist onto the steering wheel when the engine died off and the dashboard lights went out. “Fuck, fuck, fuck,” Jake kept repeating as he made his way over to the right shoulder, where he brought the car to a full stop. He turned his key in the ignition, but the car wouldn’t come back alive. He thought about Kelly, his bride-to-be, and when she reminded him to not overdo it with his buddies Tom and Christian, which was exactly what had happened last night. He hadn’t even been able to shake them both awake when he woke hungover just 15 minutes earlier, not that anyone would object to them not being there, especially not his wife or his mother-in-law. Fuzzy images from last night resurfaced as Jake frantically tried to get his car to start up again, but to no avail. He saw his clock tick even closer towards the deadline. The expensive organ player they had hired would play some … Continue reading Better Late Than Never