Alone With The Stars

Have you ever looked at the stars? I mean, really looked at the night sky, far away from the light pollution of the cities, all alone in the dark? It is a breathtaking, humbling experience. I almost didn’t get to experience it and maybe that would have been for the best. When I arrived at the cabin I had rented for this week, the sky was grey and oppressive. The last time I had checked the weather on my phone was at a gas station / bait store about half an hour away from this cabin. Out here I had no reception, and I had no intention of listening to the radio, hoping to catch a weather forecast. It would have eradicated the little bit of hope I had left in me that the sky would clear up. I had intentionally planned for the entire week, knowing that there is nothing worse than having a weekend ruined by ruin. I tried to enjoy the silence and the solitude, but the rain on the metal roof of the cabin was a constant reminder. I cleaned my telescope twice during the first two days and trudged in the rain through the muddy … Continue reading Alone With The Stars