The Carnival

Elidyr was woken by the first lights of sunrise streaming through the fogged up window of his little trailer. He rubbed the sleep out of his eyes and listened to the hustle outside. Everyone was busy this early in the morning. Most people here liked to take it easy in the morning, especially when they expected another busy crowd of people from town to come for a show. The carnival had picked Elidyr up several months prior when they had come to his hometown. The carnival’s proprietor, Theo, had done his initial scouting and came across Elidyr busking on their small main street. Elidyr had always had a fascination with alchemy and chemicals, mostly in the form of small fireworks, colored fires and smokes. Usually, he would be told off by the local guardsmen, but the meager tips he received were often enough to buy himself some food, more supplies and sometimes even shelter at one of the local farmers. Theo had watched him with interest and instead of giving him a tip, had dropped a small business card into his hat with the collections and said, “Come and see me tonight.” When Elidyr had gone to the carnival that … Continue reading The Carnival