The Monarch

Leoric hadn’t sold a tombstone in over a month. There have been weeks before where he could work uninterrupted on his intricate tombstone designs, but those times had long since passed. Despite or because of the often sad nature of his work, he had built himself a reputation as an artist who could carve the most beautiful tombstones, turning the grave into a place worth visiting for the beauty of the inscribed and carved stone alone. Given how unpopular dying was amongst humans, he had become quite popular himself. Knowing that they would admire his work for decades, if not centuries, filled him with a deep satisfaction. But satisfaction was not enough to pay the bills and put food on his table. Leoric lived a frugal life in a small two-story home with an old, mossy roof right next to his substantial workshop, filled with a large variety of stone slabs and worn down tools. The only real expenses he had aside his little shop were his animal friends, who he at most times treated better than himself. Leoric would have rather starved himself than to deny one of his furry and feathered friends to go hungry. Maybe someone would … Continue reading The Monarch