Clown Infestation: A Horror Novella

I finally took the plunge. No, I didn’t sell all my earthly possessions and moved into a little cabin in the Canadian wilderness, rather I released my first ebook on Amazon! It is a project I have worked on and off over the past year. It is actually a lucky coincidence that I finished my work at the beginning of October Spooktober!

If you’re looking for horror with a good amount of blood, Clown Infestation might be just the bedtime story you need!

When Lisa finds signs of a Clown nesting in her home, she can’t shake the feeling that something is deeply wrong…

Clowns. For most, nothing more of a nuisance and easily disposable pest, found living deep within the woods. Sometimes they venture into encroaching neighborhoods, most often ending up as roadkill. So why is she so frightened when she finds out that one of them is hiding in her home?